Here We Go Again

So I decided I needed to go back to subscription boxes. What is about them that makes them so addicting? Could it be all the fun stuff you get? The problem is, there are so many great ones out there. It amazes me how people afford so many of them. I decided to try something. I’m going to get a box or two a month. I’ll do Nerd Block for a couple months or Comic Con Box. It just depends on the theme of the month. For June, I will be getting Lit-Cube and Loot Crate.

Lit-CubeLit-Cube is something new for me. What makes it exciting is that it’s a book subscription box. I’ll have a link for both boxes at the end.  From what I hear about Lit-Cube. You get a book, sometimes a t-shirt, snack, and other things.

For Loot Crate, I decided to do the two month subscription for the Firefly box. I’m Loot Cratedefinitely curious to see what they have for that. I loved Firefly, the TV show. Of course, there is also the movie.

There are so many subscription boxes out there. Do you have a favorite? Keep your eye out for  a post on both boxes when they come next month. Although, I think the Firefly box will be here in July?

For more information on Lit-Cube, click here.

For more information on Loot Crate, click here.



2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. You probably love it because it is like Christmas. You come home to a present and have no idea what all is in it. So you enjoy surprises. 🙂


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