Jem and the Holograms

jem_and_the_holograms_posterWhere do I begin? Okay, I’ll admit the music was catchy. Not horrible. The plot? Could have been so much better. What am I talking about? Well ladies and gentlemen, I did it. I watched Jem and the Holograms. It’s funny to think how much my excitement changed since I first found out about the movie. When I heard there was a movie coming out, I was so excited. The kid in me could not wait. I was a huge fan of the cartoon back in the eighties. I saw article after article and was counting down the days until I could waste my money to see it in the theater. Who could I drag with me to see it?

The trailer comes out. I sit down in front of my computer and ready to share it on Facebook or Twitter. Two minutes later, I’m shocked. What did they do to my show? The movie comes to the theater. I’m not even going to waste my money on $5 night at the movies. Nope, not happening. Didn’t last long in the theater. Maybe a week or two? The DVD comes out and I’m just like, nah. I won’t.

Well, I changed my mind. I ended up putting it on my Netflix DVD list. As always, I forgot what movie I would be getting in the mail from Netflix. I just update it from time to time. Once in awhile, I’ll get a reminder to refill the queue. Anyways, back to Jem. One day, it shows up. The excitement I thought I would have, is not there. I put it next to my TV. Luckily I get two movies at a time. The sad thing is I watch everything else. Who knows how many movies I returned while that one sat by the TV.

Tonight, I did it. I watched the movie. My thoughts? Why did they even bother calling it Jem? Why? The first pet peeve is, where are the Misfits? Okay, I will tell you. They are maybe there for a cameo. But, the placement of the cameo? Not cool. There wasn’t even a reference to The Stingers.

Another thing that drove me crazy? The fact that Eric was now Erica. Maybe they did it because of Juliette Lewis. Who, I like as an actress. I might have been okay even if they had just done a female version of Eric. To make matters worse with Erica though? Rio. What the heck was that? Rio, is her son in the movie. I’m sorry if I just spoiled it for you. Speaking of Rio. Jem/Jerrica’s love story with him. Did nothing for me. There was no mystery there.

The plot was pretty much Jem being discovered on YouTube. I get it. It’s 2016. Times have changed of course since the eighties. But, you could have easily done a plot that matched the cartoon. Let’s see. We have an orphanage. There’s the music company.  Jem the original, had a scifi twist in it. There is so much right there, they could have done. They could have even thrown some action in the movie.

Synergy. Oh, Synergy. Another pet peeve right there. She was not meant to be a small robot.

There is a chance I might have liked this movie. Maybe if I never saw the cartoon or maybe a teenager. This movie was not directed towards the fans. It was more for teens I felt. Yes, I like a good inspirational movie. But, the cut scenes to YouTube videos of random people drove me crazy. Oh, and what Jerrica discovers at the end? Seriously that was the discovery?

Side note for another pet peeve. Kimber. Poor Kimber. I won’t spoil it, but if you watched the cartoon just remember how jealous she would get at times. Movie? Her character drove me crazy. I won’t even get started on how Kimber and Jerrica didn’t seem like sisters in the movie.

Some interesting facts. Samantha Newark who did the voice of Jem and Jerrica? She had a cameo. There were a couple lines in the movie that references the show. They did say, “truly outage.” Plus a couple lines were taken out of the theme song.

I hope this doesn’t stop you from seeing the movie. Please do. Let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from other fans of Jem. I leave you with the theme song of the cartoon.

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