Facebook Withdrawal..Not Me….Yet

So it’s been a few days and I’m feeling pretty good. Why you ask? Well, there is a couple reasons, but that’s a whole different post. That, of which I dare not post. One thing I am proud of right now, is not going on Facebook for long periods of time. Facebook is a struggle for me. I get suckered in no matter what.

On Monday, I started my less time of Facebook. I thought I would try. I pretty much stop doing  Twitter a lot. Why not Facebook? I still of course go on Twitter here and there, but not enough to where it takes up too much of my time. I decided I would give myself ten minutes of Facebook and that would be all. I did it. No problem. Although I had to go on a few times when Facebook notified me of notifications. So, I decided I would remove Facebook from my phone. That way I have no way of knowing if someone posted or commented.

Yesterday, wasn’t bad. I hardly went on. Maybe went on three times to see if there were notifications, but there wasn’t that many. It took me a few minutes to check and I was off.

Today, same thing. I maybe went on five times already? But, that was because I commented on a post on a Facebook group I manage. I was even able to ignore my timeline. So bonus for me there. I will probably go on again later tonight, but I’ll go on for ten minutes. Fifteen the most, I hope.

If you are ever on Facebook and want to like my page. Same with Twitter. Click the links below. Let’s hope I can do this. Fingers crossed.

Robyn Eleanor’s Facebook Page

Robyn Eleanor’s Twitter Page

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