So, I was going to post this last night. Even had it all typed out. Scheduled for 9:00 on Saturday. Well, might have helped instead of just saving it. I scheduled a time. So sorry about that. But, here is what should have been yesterday’s post.





Was excited to know there was a mug. When I opened the box, didn’t expect it to be so small. I could make it work. Just do a few cups of coffee, or more.








Awwww, R2- D2. Love this funko pop.









I was really hope for a t-shirt. Not sure when I’ll wear the hat. Maybe a bad hair day?







He’s so adorable, lol.  I put him next to my Ewok.








Don’t have anything to put it on. But, I put it on my wall for right now.







I have collected so many pins from mystery boxes. I really should start wearing one a day.




If interested in ordering Smuggler’s Bounty. Click here.

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