Sharknado: The 4th Awakens

Oh, where do I begin? Sharknado, so cheesy and yet so entertaining. The fourth one did notb4eb90aafd3486923b179c21cfe5fe18 disappoint. I did like that it went through Perry, Ohio. Where there is a power plant. That’s near my city.

My favorite line in the movie had to be “Sharkberg, straight ahead!” At least that’s what it sounded like.

I figured there would be Star Wars jokes, looking at the movie poster and title. But, I was surprised they could get away with using a light saber. Doesn’t Syfy belong with NBC?

Moving on to the plot of the movie. It’s been five years since the last Sharknado. The newborn from the last movie is now five years old. The family is living in Kansas. A high tech company has found a way to prevent the tornadoes from happening. But, I’m sure without spoiling it. You can guess what happens. Of course, Fin is brought back into action to save the world.¬† There isn’t much to say about the plot. You do have your cameos. Loved the Baywatch references¬† with Hasselhoff and a couple former Baywatch co-stars.

I haven’t seen a confirmation. But, it looks like there could be a fifth movie coming our way. Judging, by the ending. They could probably end the series like that. It wouldn’t be uncommon to have an ending where they leave you hanging, and not finish the series. But come on! It’s Sharknado. They have to at least do one more, right? I wonder what they could do. They took the sharks to space already.

Oooh, I just thought of another thing I enjoyed in the movie. Cownado. I won’t even say anything about it. Just watch.

Did you see it? What are your thoughts?