rogueone_onesheetaIt’s been a couple days and many of us I’m sure, have watched Rogue One’s trailer a few times. Maybe even more. No? Just me? I keep thinking maybe if I watch it again, I’ll catch something in the trailer that I missed. Sometimes you have to look for the Easter Eggs. Thanks though to other sites,  I have found what I’ve been looking for. Yet, so many thoughts and questions still linger. Why can’t it be December?

Although, why am I wishing my life away? The movie comes out two days before my birthday. Do I really want to wish my thirty-seventh birthday to be here? I do keep saying though that the forties will be my decade. Thirties have kind of sucked. That’s a whole different post for another day. Maybe look for that one in December. In the meantime, here is the trailer for Rogue One. I’m sure you have seen it already. But, why not watch it again? Analyze it with me.

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