When it comes to modern stories for anything Jane Austen, I’m all for it. I have even written my own fan fiction. I also understand that things will have to change to make it more believable.

One of my book clubs picked Eligible by Curtis  Sittenfeld. It’s a modern version for Pride and Prejudice. Knowing it would center around my favorite fictional couple, I couldn’t wait to read it.

I went to Half Price Bookstore. They didn’t have it. Thought I would check Barnes and Noble. But, before I did? I was at the library and thought why not just check to see if it was available. Glad it was. I give this book two stars. I would have done 2.5 if Goodreads would let you do half stars. I just couldn’t give it three stars.

A quick summary for Eligible. We meet the Bennet family in Cincinnati, Ohio. The sisters range from twenties to the age of forty. Liz is back home to help the family as they deal with family issues. Along the way they meet the Bingleys and Darcy. I’m sure you could figure out the rest. It follows the same theme as the original. At least tries to.

What disappointed me were how the characters were written. Lydia, Mary, and Mrs. Bennet were the closest to their original counterparts. I understand things have to change to make it modern, but the subplot with Liz and Jasper (Wickham’s character)? I was not a fan. The Liz I know from the original, even as a modern character would never be that way.

If I read this book without reading the original, maybe I could have given it three stars. Hopefully, this won’t stop you from reading the book. Please do read it. Love to know your thoughts. Should make for an interesting discussion for book club. I saw some on Goodreads gave it four stars.

Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

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