Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween


I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday today. May you be spooked, thrilled, and so on. I tried to think of a fun post for today, but I couldn’t think of anything. That was a tough decision. There are so many ways to do that. I could do a book review. Talk about my all-time favorite Halloween post. However, I have so many!

Here is a treat for you. Please enjoy this clip from one of my all time favorite movies I enjoyed watching as a kid around Halloween. Yes, it’s corny. But, you know what? I don’t think I could ever stop loving it. Hello, it has Tim Curry in it. If you would like to see the movie, it’s called The Worst Witch. In my defense. I was a child of the eighties.

It’s Coming….NaNoWriMo!!

IMG_6154For most of October, I was on edge.  Torn on what I would dare write this November. Nothing was coming to me. Do I dare write romance? Maybe fantasy? I was about to go nuts. After some time, I decided on young adult.

This would be my first young adult. Never have tried it. I love young adult books, but never even thought for a second on writing one. Why? That, I’m not sure.

It will take place somewhere haunted with a witch growing up. That’s all I can tell you for now. The story is of course still in the works. I do have the plot and at least the three main characters. I’m sure as the story goes, the plot will change. Characters, of course, will be added or removed.

I still have two days to decide if I even want to do chapter outlines. Those outlines always change, but I like knowing the direction I’m going in.

No clue on the title, but hey I came up with the character names and have a basic idea what they look like. So that’s definitely a plus.

Hopefully, I’ll have an update on day one. We shall see. I feel confident right now, but that could easily change two days from now.

I do have a goal to at least stay up until 12:30 am on November 1st. Fingers crossed!