Trust Me by Robyn Eleanor Sadler

So, I had put it to a vote with my friends on Facebook and it had been decided that I shall write some suspense. Although, one friend said romantic suspense. After some thinking and looking through many, many story ideas. I decided on Trust Me.

What is Trust Me about, you ask? Well, what would you do if your best friend was being stalked? Would you help her? Maybe let the best friend’s boyfriend take care of it? But, what happens when you start to notice things? You start to feel like you are being stalked. Could it just be the consequences of being best friends with the person who was originally stalked? Before you know it, people close to you are dying. The people who you thought you could trust. Well, you can no longer trust. What could your best friend be hiding? What about that co-worker? Or, your neighbor? No matter where you look, you feel eyes on you. Nobody is safe when you’re around.

My goal is to do the story within 100 posts. If are enjoying it, please comment. The more who comment and like it. I might make it into e-book format. I always welcome comments good or bad. Let me know your thoughts.

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