Anime Con Part 2

So apparently I had this post scheduled for October. Didn’t notice until today. So sorry for the delay. But, onto the second part of Anime Con.


So, Saturday we packed up our suitcases and threw them in the car before heading over to the convention center. Like the day before, we got lost. But, that could be because we had to find the panel rooms this time. Mainly it was for me at the moment. They actually had a Star Wars panel.

The Star Wars panel turned out to be good. It was mainly about the hate that has been going on in the Star Wars world. When I realized that, I wondered if I would want to walk out. Apparently those of us who don’t have hate for anything Star Wars were the only people there. I was fine with that.

Once that was over, I headed back to the autograph area to wait for bestie. While I waited, I did a lot of people watching. I usually lose myself in my book or phone. But, it was hard to not people watch. Comic Con cosplay is definitely very tame next to Anime. There were still a lot of great costumes though. I give one woman credit for wearing a board on her back that held wings. That would have driven me nuts. If bestie and I go again next year. I think I could get away with a Star Wars cosplay. I did see a few as Jedi or Sith.

Once bestie and I met up, we did some Subway before we figured out what to do next. Bestie wanted to do a panel for Fairy Tail but we saw the line for another autograph she wanted. So, she got into the line instead. I picked up my book and watched some Noragami while I waited. Here we were thinking she was safe. She was in the top 100 to get the autograph. Well apparently, there wasn’t enough time and she never got the one she really wanted. She did get someone at least that she liked. I know she was disappointed. I felt so bad. In the end, she did get to see the voice actor she waited in line for. Just not for an autograph. There was a panel that we went to and there the voice actor got people from the audience and did some improv. Bestie and I didn’t dare volunteer.

After that, we pretty much headed back to the car and towards the next hotel we were staying at. We did get some yummy Olive Garden. Once we were at the hotel for the night. We watched Fairy Tail. I’m still working on season one. But, so far I’m liking it.

Sunday, there isn’t really much to talk about. We got up and went to an outlet mall. After that, it was time for home.

Overall, I had fun. By next year, I should have seen some more anime. I already have been wondering if I can mash Star Wars up with Anime for cosplay. Time to Pinterest I think.

Anime Con Part One

So, this past weekend I got to experience my first Anime Con in Columbus. Not just mine, but it was also my Bestie’s. She was more excited, but that’s because she is the anime fan. Me? I’ve seen a few episodes in the past thanks to her. Why I never continued on with them? Not sure.

We arrived on Friday afternoon. Once we were checked into the hotel, we set off for registration. I have to say looking for the registration room and even where everything was going to be? It made me think of high school.  The freshman who can’t figure out where they are going. We asked for directions but still got confused. The convention center in Columbus was a lot more difficult to get around than Cleveland’s convention center. Maybe, I’m spoiled though. I’ve been to the Cleveland one a few times.

As we were looking for the autograph area. We got suckered in by a guy sitting at a table to do a quiz. Of course, I had to pick Star Wars. No way would I know any anime. We won both a button and a movie poster. The movie poster has landed in the trash can. The button is still sitting on my dresser. I don’t even think the button had anything to do with anime. The poster? One, I never saw the show on Netflix and it wasn’t worth it to save. I might have also not been paying attention when I threw the poster in my bag. Let’s just say it might have gotten ripped or folded.

Bestie got some of her autographs. While she waited in line, I sat down and read my book. It might sound boring to some. But, I was happy. Give me a book and I can be lost for hours.

After the con, we went to a pizza place that was across our hotel. It felt like Chick-Fil-A. If you said, “thank you”. The waitress would say, “my pleasure.” Not a bad thing, but you can only take so much of those. Or, maybe it’s me. But, at the same time. It’s always good to thank them. I guess it’s a no win-win situation. The meal was great. I, of course, didn’t do pizza. But, I’m thinking I should have.  The chicken sub was yummy and spicy. But, with fries? Let’s just say I didn’t starve. I could have taken it back to the hotel for what I didn’t finish. But, greasy food is never great the second time when you microwave it. Unless someone knows a trick?

Once we got back to the hotel. The rest of our night was pajamas and anime. We did a few episodes of Noragami. I watched the first episode without her last week and liked it. But, after a few more episodes. I was hooked. I might have binged watched the first season yesterday.

So this is turning into a long post and this is only for Friday. I’m thinking, I’ll do another post for Saturday. I’ll have more later.