Go Scribbler November ’18

Go Scribbler November ’18

When I found this subscription box, I was thrilled. I get plenty of book boxes and can always choose to try some more. But, there are maybe a few writing boxes? Although, this is the only one I’ve seen. If there is one I’m missing. Please let me know.

The first thing you see when you open the box is the Scribbler Writing Exercise. Even after I use them, I like to save them. This way I can use them again. I also find this comes in handy when I hit a block.


Next, we have the Writer Magic. It’s a chat with either an editor, agent, etc. I always get great advice when listening. I have yet to ask a question in the chatroom. I have plenty of questions, but always want to make sure I ask the right one.


Anything in the world of publishing, I can learn. I’m all for it. As always, looking forward to reading this.


Another great thing about the box, the writing passport. World Building is this month. I can’t wait to check it out. Each passport will have advice from the author that is featured in the box.


If you are a book reader like me. You can’t help but love bookmarks. Especially, when one is one you can color. Sorry, the video is so big. I tried to adjust it, but yeah. No luck.


I live in Ohio. Ohio can get cold. These hot chocolates will come in handy.


Post its and a notepad? Yes, please.

This is for ingramspark.com


Fountain Pen. Love these.


The autograph and the book. I just had gotten this book at the library.  Looking forward to reading this one. I enjoyed her elemental assassin series. Again, sorry about the size of the video. If you pause. You can read the back.


Overall, love the box! Can’t wait for December’s. If you would like to check out the box, you can click here.

Scribbler July ’18

Scribbler July ’18

So, this is my second box with Scribbler and I’m still impressed. This month’s theme was Setting.




On the back, we’ll find a writing exercise. I always love these. It gets me motivated to write and forget everything around me. Of course, it’s on setting. This is perfect for an idea I have for a young adult novel.






This coffee smells so good. I might have to try it tonight. It has fudge brownie listed on the package. I’m already loving it.





This is for a chat with the author. I’m excited that this one will be at a time I can join in. I was at work during June’s. Luckily, I was able to catch it later. But, live would be so much better.





Loving this sticker. It is so going on my laptop.








Loving this coaster. I might be using it already.







This is what  I need right now. I’ve tried basic outlining. Doesn’t work for me. But, this I think will help me a lot.








This has a lot of great advice. Looking forward to reading it.







When the time comes and I’m ready to try for publishing. This will definitely help  me out. Of course, I’m not going to wait to read it.







Guessing this is just an ad for Zenith on paperback. It is signed by Lindsay Cummings. She is one of the authors and co-creators of Scribbler. I admit it. I haven’t read Zenith yet, but it is on my to read list. I hope to get around to it soon. So many books, so little time. I do like that it says on it though, Write Fearlessly.






Last, but not least. The book for this month. Can’t wait to read it. Not sure on much detail about the book. But, I’ll have a link below for it.





The Myth of Perpetual Summer

Novel Coffee Roasters


Camp NaNoWriMo Results

Camp NaNoWriMo Results

 So it’s done. How much of it makes sense? Not a clue. I did come in at 37,954. I did more than I set my goal for. It’s a nice break from regular NaNoWriMo. I love doing NaNoWriMo, but I only had to focus on 30,000. That’s 20,000 words less. Which meant less words a day compared to November. I did get over the requirement almost every day. There were a couple days that were less, but that happens due to either life, sickness, or laziness. Laziness, is the worse of them all. Either way, knowing I had less. That helped a lot. I didn’t go into panic mode. Okay, no. I did a little. But, not like I would in November.


Just like the one in November, I am going put this story aside for now. I hope to come back to it though before the year is over. I now want to go back and focus on Forbidden Love, the sequel.

It might be stressful at times doing NaNoWriMo. But, it’s always a fun learning experience. Bring on Camp NaNoWriMo for July.  

Camp NaNoWriMo Update

Camp NaNoWriMo Update

So here we are with one week done in April, soon to be two. I’m feeling pretty good about my word count, but I don’t want to get too happy yet. I’ve done that before where I get all, “yeah I’m awesome!” And, guess what happens after that? Yup! So, trying to stay in the middle of my emotions when it comes to this.

I’ve also been pretty good about not editing. It’s hard though. My eyes want to look at what I just typed. Most of the time when I write, I go the old fashion route. I write long handed. I find that to be helpful because I’m not distracted by the computer giving me notifications. There is a part of me that wants to hand write. But, if I do that? I could go down the rabbit hole. As I’m typing, I know I would start editing. Once the editing starts, my word count for the month would suffer. I definitely know I’m not perfect, but I’m one of those people that feel the need to edit a thousand times. Once I submit something, I’ll still feel the need to edit and it will drive me crazy that I can’t.

According to the camp’s website, I should be done by the 23rd. Here is hoping. At least it gives me extra time if I fall behind. So fingers crossed.

Screenshot 2018-04-11 at 9.46.42 PM





There had been high hopes to keep you updated through November on my writing for NaNoWriMo. But, as you can see or shall I say read. That did not happen. Between life, reading, keeping up with shows, podcasts or whatever. The blog got put on the back burner. Any free time I had was writing.

I bet it’s killing you to know if I did it. Well I did it. I wrote 50,000 words! How much of it makes sense? I have no clue. Part of me wants to read it and edit. The other half, not so much. After some thought, I decided to wait a few months and go from there.

There are definitely some scenes I want to add to it. I skipped a lot. I might have 20,000 more words I could add. Of course, that could change in few months. We shall see.

Writing a lot this month took care of some stress that I had. I was able to escape reality. This is definitely a story I want to come back to. That’s a first for me. I have abandoned so many NaNoWriMo novels. The first one I wrote years ago? I couldn’t even tell you where the flash drive is.

When I go back to my haunted house story. It might change from YA to new adult. I really wanted it to be young adult, but it didn’t work out that way. I guess I’ll have to try again or try it another time with another story as young adult. I love YA, so I really hope one day I can write one.  Plus, with all the ones I’ve read. You would think it come to me.

This month and months ahead, I’m hoping I can stay motivated as if there is no tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

It’s Coming….NaNoWriMo!!

IMG_6154For most of October, I was on edge.  Torn on what I would dare write this November. Nothing was coming to me. Do I dare write romance? Maybe fantasy? I was about to go nuts. After some time, I decided on young adult.

This would be my first young adult. Never have tried it. I love young adult books, but never even thought for a second on writing one. Why? That, I’m not sure.

It will take place somewhere haunted with a witch growing up. That’s all I can tell you for now. The story is of course still in the works. I do have the plot and at least the three main characters. I’m sure as the story goes, the plot will change. Characters, of course, will be added or removed.

I still have two days to decide if I even want to do chapter outlines. Those outlines always change, but I like knowing the direction I’m going in.

No clue on the title, but hey I came up with the character names and have a basic idea what they look like. So that’s definitely a plus.

Hopefully, I’ll have an update on day one. We shall see. I feel confident right now, but that could easily change two days from now.

I do have a goal to at least stay up until 12:30 am on November 1st. Fingers crossed!

A Lonely Christmas Part One

Thanks to Hallmark. I got in the mood to write my own Christmas story. Maybe this will actually get me in the mood for Christmas. It really doesn’t feel like Christmas is weeks away.

* * * * * * * *

This shouldn’t be hard. Why was this so hard? Ellie bit her lip as she continued to stare at the books that called her name. But, she couldn’t decide. She just wanted one book to read over the weekend. To take her mind off the fact she would be home alone for Christmas. This would be the tenth year alone.  Ellie thought maybe she could throw herself a ten year anniversary party. Her and her books. Okay, maybe she would invite her dog, Freddie.

“Have you read Jackson Smith?”

Ellie turned to look at a man staring at her. “I’m sorry?”

“You look lost. I’m not sure what you are into, but Smith has some great stories to tell.”

She couldn’t help, but smile. “I know. He’s my favorite. I have all his books.”

“Me too.” The man smiled.

“I’m looking for something new and different.” Ellie turned to look at the books.

The man moved in closer. “How about Josephine Martin?”

Ellie turned to look at the man. Why was this man interested in her? She told herself to stop it. The guy could just be a nice guy. They had something in common, that’s all. Ellie tried to eye him as much as she could without being noticeable. He had black hair that just went over his ears. She could see a few grey hairs. He wore jeans and a black leather jacket. Maybe in his thirties or early forties?

The man picked out another book. “Here, try this one.”

He handed her a book called Elves Island. Ellie smiled. Interesting title and she did love elves. “Thanks.” She paused and wished she could thank him by name.

It was as if he read her mind. “The name is Ethan. Ethan Bennett.”

Not knowing why, Ellie stretched out her arm. “Ellie. Ellie Acker.”

“I hope you enjoy the book.”

Ellie smiled. “Thanks, me too.”

Ethan turned and walked to the next aisle. Ellie shook her head. Ethan was handsome. He reminded her of Christian Bale. Thinking of Christian Bale, she decided maybe tonight she would watch Little Women. One of her favorites for Christmas.

After deciding on a murder mystery. Ellie found herself at the register.

“Please tell me you aren’t reading that for Christmas?” Ellie turned to see Ethan behind her. She laughed and hugged the murder mystery. “Why not? I love a little mystery.”

Ethan didn’t smile. She wondered what the big deal was. What were the chances she would see Ethan again. Plus, it fit her mind. Christmases were getting worse every year. “It’s a joyful holiday. Family. Friends, and so on.” Ellie fought the urge to shake her head. She hugged the books she grabbed tighter to her chest. She looked at the man in front of her. She would be in line for a few minutes. The man had to have at least twenty kid books in his arms.

“No offense Ethan. I might sound like the Grinch, but you know what? It’s just another holiday. No big deal.”

Ethan moved closer as if he didn’t want others to hear their conversation. “You must have family.”

Ellie looked and wished the cashier would hurry up. “I do, but my parents will be visiting my brother this year.” Just like the year before and the year before that.

“No other family?”

“Not around here.” She couldn’t take off from work. Because, she had no family in the area or friends begging her to come over. She worked at the newspaper on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so other editors could have off.

“Well, I know I’m a stranger. But, maybe coffee?”

This was just odd. Most men, ignored her. As far as she knew. She wasn’t ugly, but she was sure she had to be ordinary.  Right now, she wore brown yoga pants and an old David Bowie shirt. Her hair was in a messy bun. Plus, Ellie didn’t bother to put on make-up this morning. She glanced at the woman behind Ethan. She wore skinny jeans and a tight white sweater. The woman had long blonde hair. She either had to hair spray every hair or she had perfect hair. Ellie didn’t see one hair out of place.

“I have to be at the office in a couple hours, but I’m only working until eight. Maybe meet at Starbucks? Down the street?” What was she doing?

Ethan smiled. “I would like that. Maybe I can convince you that Christmas is the best holiday.”

Ellie couldn’t help, but laugh. “We shall see.”

“Next in line?”

Ellie turned and looked at the cashier and back to Ethan. “Well, that’s me.”

Ethan nodded. “See you around eight.”

Maybe Ellie would post on Facebook that she was meeting this guy. Out of the 400 friends, someone had to care if she went missing. Right? Her mind drifted back to Ethan. There had to be a reason he wanted to have coffee with her. Ellie would have to figure out what to wear. She told herself not to get too excited. After all, it was just coffee.

Ellie looked and smiled at Ethan one more time before she exited the store. He waved and returned a smile. It would be interesting night for sure.

Music Playlist

I don’t know about many writers out there, but if there is one thing I love to do. It’s create a playlist of songs that make me think of the current book I’m working on. In a way, it helps me motivate myself. One I am working on is for Forbidden Love. I did self-publish that online already. But, I decided to edit it. I’m hoping my writing has improved some. Maybe even add a few new scenes. Plus, I’m going back and reading it so I can stay consistent with the sequel that I’ve been slowly working on.

I’ve been having fun working on a playlist for Forbidden Love. For some reason, I didn’t do it before. I know the list will continue to grow. Unfortunately, there are times I should be editing or writing. Some nights though, I get sucked in looking for songs.

Here is what I have so far.

Stay the Same sung by Joey McIntyre

Unsteady sung by X Ambassadors

See You Again by sung by Wiz Khalifa

With or Without You sung by U2

I Miss You sung by Darren Hayes

Need You Now sung by Lady Antebellum

Far Away sung by Nickelback

Chasing Cars sung by Snow Patrol

Everytime sung by Britney Spears

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore by Madonna

The Reason by Hoobastank